Money in Your Pocket with Project Broadcast

So you are loving Project Broadcast and want to refer others?!  First, let us say Thank You for trusting us with your communication needs. At Project Broadcast, we love seeing our customers refer their friends and colleagues and have made it simple and rewarding to share Project Broadcast with others!

Wait, Project Broadcast has a referral program?

While our previous referral program has been successful and in place for 5yrs we knew we could step up our game and provide even more to you! As of right now, when you share your referral code with someone and they use it during signup they will get 50% OFF their first month of Project Broadcast. As a thank you, you will receive a $10 credit added to your account! When your plan renews it will use your account credits first before charging your card!

You could use Project Broadcast for free if you have enough account credit banked up from referring others!

To set up your referral code login to our website and click on the gift box icon in the bottom left of the screen. There you can set up your referral code and even share from there as well to places like FB and Twitter!

Learn how to earn by sharing Project Broadcast with friends. **You will need to create a training account on this site. Your PB login will not work on this site.

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