How Alisa DeSaer doubled her gross wholesale value and personal retail volume with one text!

Alisa joined Scentsy in September 2017 and saw early success with vendor events and craft shows! She used those events to collect customer contacts. This process allowed her to earn incentives and her Director title after only 13 months of being a consultant. What caught my attention, with Alisa, was her recent success using Project Broadcast and how she doubled her Gross Wholesale Value (GWV) and Personal Retail Value (PRV) with one text.

Build your hobby into an income before you need the income.

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? Next?

I stay consistent with (the ideas of) what gets rewarded gets repeated. I provide mentorship and training to our growing group and (continue) to be a student of the business. I understand the aspects of how to maximize commissions and make the structure work for me.

Staying consistent with what gets (me) rewarded (is what) gets repeated.

How long were you running the business before you started seeing a profit? How did you live through those first few months/years?

I am not sure I am seeing a true livable income (yet), however, an extra $600 – $1,800 per month certainly helps fix money issues and pays for the extras. I reinvested in my business and event stock/setup for the first 3 years but really only needed the first year and a half. I still work a full-time job to pay the bills, but it is mindless, so I can use all my extra time on my Scentsy business. I walked away from my part-time job about 6 months into my Scentsy business (because) I was earning enough in commissions to support what I would have earned in tips (on the weekends) working as a bartender/server.

The corporate ladder is building someone else's tree. Make sure you water your tree first.

Tell me about a recent Project Broadcast win…

Project Broadcast I am redeemed!!! Haven’t used Project Broadcast in 2 months! Hear me out last night I scheduled a text to my group with Top 10 tips for the Flash Sale today. At the time we were est. 6,000 Gwv I had 1 active frontline an 1,000 PRV on the month. We are now 13,000 GWV, I have 3 active frontline and 2,000 PRV!!! Whoop Whoop It gets better!

This morning I quick with excel exported my entire contact list sorted out the ones without phone numbers and imported 693 not duplicate contacts with the tag customer. Many customers not hearing from me in several years.

Created this message: Good Morning! Alisa DeSaer here with a message from Scentsy. This morning at 10am CST we will be launching a 24 hour While Supplies Last FLASH SALE!!!!! Join the line at 9:56 – 10am in order to ensure early access to see what is available. There will be 3 bundles of 10 wax bars for $30 among many other items! We really appreciate you being a customer of ours to continue to shop please go to:

If you would like exclusive access to specials and giveaways join us in our Facebook VIP room at: To be removed from our business text line please reply OptOut to now longer receive very limited text messages regarding Scentsy Specials.

And added a photo of me.

In the end 569 were sent – our VIP grew by 7 people, 60 responded opting out, 11 PWS orders all attached to my party link – 873.30 PRV resulting in 30% commission because I am over 2k now paying me $261.99 – cost $15 for Project Broadcast and $15 for website. Also earning $130.99 in Free Scentsy that I will use to spend $10 per ordering customer and buy them each a travel twist and scent circle.

This my friends has been the most exciting day I have had in a while. All while being a disaster in the kitchen by boiling eggs for breakfast at 9:39am CST on high for 3 hours until they exploded at 12:30pm CST.

I HOPE you had the best day! – USE Project Broadcast!!

What is your favorite Project Broadcast Campaign?

I like to simply schedule posts. It lets me stay ahead so my business hours can stay open. Scheduled texts do the work for me, so I have the flexibility to spend my time prioritizing my family, self, and business.

If someone wants to reach out and chat with you about your success, how can they reach you?


Phone: 952-412-6963

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