How to bring customers back after Cyber Week

A lot of business owners spend October and November working incredibly hard to ensure they have a successful Cyber Week. Now that you’ve rocked it, how do you ensure those customers come back for Christmas and beyond?

Customer onboarding sets the tone for the ongoing relationship your customer has with your product.

For all those new customers, you need to start adding value to your relationship with them and interact with them through a solid onboarding campaign. Messages like a weekly tip that focuses on a thoughtful idea or education. Even better, a series of messages that check in with your customer on shipping issues and product issues. Need an example: Check out our mini series on Automating your Follow Up.

This is where you can tailor your sale and promo messaging to them for Christmas and beyond.

Let me make this SUPER clear….when following up after a large sale period make sure it shouldn’t be with any additional sales or promos immediately. You run the risk of losing that customer because you are training that you only send sales, and not everyone needs to buy something every sale. There should be at least a couple messages between you too building the relationship. Don’t be just transactional. Now that you have a solid follow up campaign in place and have started onboarding that customer, your relationship is flourishing. Now is when you can tailor your sale and promo messaging to them for Christmas and beyond. Better yet, use our tags to identify and label different types of customers and the products they bought. That way when you reach out it is personalized. Check out our tag training.

Does your team need help getting started with Project Broadcast or training on topics like this? Make sure you reach out to Dawn and I at (254) 545-9626 to set up an Introduction to Project Broadcast or a Team Training call where we focus on a specific strategy.

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