Project Broadcast is Building My Team Behind My Back!

Meet Kimberly Pulito!! She is a speaker, spreadsheet lover, social media user, video shooter, content creator, direct sales leader, personal development junkie, High Performance Coach, & mama to two girls. She earned a Bachelor’s in Communication & worked hard for 11 years as a multi-unit leader for Target before retiring to run her Scentsy business full-time & help others do the same. She loves helping direct sales leaders gain clarity in their business & create simple, duplicatable systems to create more time for the things they love. She is also the Customer Education Specialist at Jotform and creates how-to videos for their YouTube channel and their help articles.

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today in your business. What was the first thing you did? Next? I started my business as, what we call, a kitnapper. I only wanted to smell all the scents. Next thing I knew, I realized I had friends who’d never heard of Scentsy before so they helped me officially launch my business. I hit all my fast-start awards & built a team, then one day… just stopped for some reason. Other things were put on my plate & I ended up losing my entire team & most of my customers. It wasn’t until two years later when I realized I was going to want to stay home with my future children and Scentsy could allow me to do that. It felt like a literal switch in my brain… I started booking parties & relaunched my business. 14 months later, I was promoted to the top 2% of the company and earned my first all-expense-paid trip. Since then, there hasn’t been an incentive I haven’t earned. In the last year, I switched how I’ve run my business from parties to more attraction marketing & it’s allowed me to find people who are the perfect fit for me & my business.

Project Broadcast is like my virtual assistant who manages my CRM in my pocket.

How has Project Broadcast directly impacted your business? Project Broadcast is like my virtual assistant who manages my CRM in my pocket. It keeps my customers warm and allows me to segment them out so I communicate with exactly who needs to be communicated with at that specific moment. Project Broadcast has added sales and new business builders.

It keeps my customers warm and allows me to segment them.

Tell me more about how PB is helping build your team: I have a campaign I add people to when their business cancels out. I know timing plays a huge part in having a business so I express that in hopes they’ll return to our team in the future. 90 days later, I send them a text letting them know if things have changed, they can reinstate their account for free. This allows me to have those conversations through Project Broadcast and free up brain space so I can focus on other things.

Have you had any other Project Broadcast wins? My biggest wins come from the basic scheduled messages to a specific group of people through tags. For example, Black Friday sales and open house invitations. I love that my customers feel like I’m messaging just them when I’m really able to reach so many more at the same time.

If someone wants to reach out and chat with you about your success, how can they reach you?

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