One Simple Tip to Gain Repeat Customers

Consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand immediately after they consume early-stage, educational content. (Conductor) (Forbes)

Read that again. Project Broadcast has a super simple way you can educate your current customers and bring brand awareness to prospects: A calendar campaign that sends out a weekly tip!

Don’t get me wrong, I see Tuesday Tips, Weekly Wellness, Mid Week Reflections on social media platforms all the time. But those messages are usually generalized, and directed at a community, not at a specific person. They get pushed down by the algorithm or there is the very real possibility you will be shadow banned and your tips won’t be seen.

Here is where Project Broadcast can help you get that 131% boost. Using Project Broadcast’s calendar campaign you can create an educational/value driven tip that goes out once a week at a specific date and time. You can have it planned out however long in advance too. I usually plan a three month content cycle. You can also use dynamic fields to personalize each message with first names.

Need a couple Pro Tips before you start building your weekly tip messages? Check these out:

  • What behaviors would you like to see from contacts? What actions can I guide them to in your messaging?
  • Give them only one action to take. Having them click a link, respond to a question, or review a ton of information can be too much. Pick one. Whichever is more important.
  • Create short and engaging texts. This isn’t an email or a facebook post.
  • Remember your brand and pick a theme per week based on your brand. This helps your prospects to identify with multiple aspects of your brand.
  • Want to sign up for Project Broadcast’s weekly tips to see how we do it? Text TIPS to 254-545-9626!

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