How a simple birthday wish can build relationships and convert customers

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Jami Strickland, a Director with Thirty-One Gifts. Jami uses Project Broadcast (PB) to connect with her customers on a more consistent basis and personal level.

Jami was able to use the Birthday Campaign feature and not only build a relationship with her customers, but earn the added benefit of a sale.

Before Project Broadcast, she used a Google Form to collect birthdays from her customers. She had to access the form on a monthly basis and send out individual messages to each customer via email to celebrate their birthday.

Recently, she switched over to using Project Broadcast’s Birthday Campaign.  “I just love the interaction with my customers and they are always super appreciative that I thought of them. And I enjoy getting to offer them a free gift on their special day. I had a customer place an order today  because of the automated birthday text I sent her to celebrate her special day!”

Want to learn how to create your own automated birthday messages.

Jami’s story came from her entry into our Weekly PB Win giveaway. We ask our PB users to share their wins with us so we can cheer them on and enter them to win a $25 gift card to Starbucks, Target, or Amazon.

Have a Project Broadcast Win? Make sure you submit your win weekly every Wednesday to Johanna by texting WINNER to (254) 545-9626. You will be entered into our weekly $25 gift card drawing.

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