How Lucy Heinen made over 110K in sales this year with Project Broadcast

When I reached out to Lucy Heinen the first time, I didn’t fully understand how far she had come in her business. She built her Pure Romance business from the ground up. Quite literally. When she first started, her home she shared with her husband was a garden shed with a dirt floor. She says she was a slower starter, and preaches that you can choose at any point to take control and make those changes, but it doesn’t have to be at the very beginning. Her ability to break down her goals and get out of her own head led to her making over 110K in sales this year with Project Broadcast.

Question: Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? Next?

Are you trying to get me to write a novel, friend?! I think like most businesses, there really wasn’t a step by step process (I wish there had been, it probably would have been more effective, more profitable and significantly more efficient.)

My journey has been a mix of enthusiasm on fire, and trial and error. It’s been up, down, sideways, backwards, upside down and forward when I’m lucky.

But truly I think the first step is just stepping in. Whatever you need to start, get done, finish, try. Step into it. Knock it out. Get the ball rolling. I genuinely believe it’s not always about moving forward, or a step by step process, it’s just taking one step, towards actions that create some type of momentum.

I stepped into the opportunity by saying yes. I stepped into the business by being open to learning. I stepped into success by implementing some of the things I learned. I stepped into further success by taking further actions.

Everyone’s step by step process is different, or at least, I believe that it should be, because it should be YOUR process. I actually think looking for the step by step is what is holding most entrepreneurs back, because you won’t find it. There is no one set way, but what successful people have in common is taking action (good, bad, or otherwise) and creating motion. 

Question: How long were you running the business before you started seeing a profit? How did you live through those first few months/years?

This is a really hard question to answer, because I started my Direct Sales business at 19, and had a full time “job” so the intention to earn a profit wasn’t really there. I saw potential, and opportunity, but had a small, young, broke social circle and thought it looked like fun. While I made a profit right away (that’s the advantage of this model, very little overhead) I wasn’t in a business mindset, so the money was helpful, but we stayed broke for a while.

Once I realized that I wanted my business to be a business and start maximizing my income, I made a shift and went from selling maybe $10,000 annually, to $30,000 annually. This still wasn’t enough to pay my bills, so I kept regular employment and hung out at that level of production for a few years, kept learning, and realizing I still wasn’t really operating like a true business. So I shifted my focus onto more income driven tasks, less fluff and had a $75,000 year. I wish I could say I was fiscally responsible, put money into savings, and did all the right things, but I didn’t. I was in my 20’s, my bills were relatively low, and I had fun with the extra cash. I also left my job (but that said, it wasn’t high paying.) Thennnnnnnn I hung out in that bracket for a couple more years, and realized I still wasn’t working very hard, and was getting into debt. So I jumped from a $75,000 year to a $130,000 year. AND GUESS WHAT?! Hung out for a minute. Then I decided, it still wasn’t much work, and there were a lot of things I hadn’t implemented yet (like a consistent lead funnel, good communication systems, you know – business things) and jumped from $130,000 to my best year in business at $305,000 in personal sales.

I think it’s really important to understand that profit doesn’t necessarily translate into lifestyle and financial comfort. I’ve learned that the hard way. It’s not about how much money you are earning, but instead what you are doing with your profits and whether or not your money is working for you. 

If you upgrade your lifestyle to match an upgrade in income, all you are doing is increasing your bills, and forcing an increase in profits. Your available income may not change. That’s the mistake. I wish I had stayed “broke” longer, while using any profit to build a long term, financially stable lifestyle – not a new pair of shoes and a pedicure.

Question: If a new consultant walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

My TOP piece of advice has nothing to do with the business. It’s to bank your bonus checks, and forget they exist. Had I done that, I would have over $700,000 in the bank, and it would have forced me to continue to work and develop my personal business (sales, parties, etc) to increase my income. My business would have grown significantly faster, and I wouldn’t have increased my lifestyle expenses too quickly, or without backup.

Stick to the basics, and don’t change your business every time you learn something new.

Business advice? Stick to the basics, and don’t change your business every time you learn something new. Master booking parties or getting online orders. Master Hostess Coaching and all the different pieces. Figure out what you want to do, and set it up in a way that’s easy so that you can do it again. And again. And again. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be financially rewarding.

The perk? When you decide to share the opportunity with others, you already know what you are doing in your business, and it’s easy to pass along the training to new women.

By texting, I know that my customers see my important updates, sales, and information that brings them value.

Question: How did Project Broadcast help your business?

Project Broadcast has been a business saver! Everyone is all about social marketing, but it feels really vulnerable to depend on an ever changing platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, etc. At the end of the day, they control who sees what. By texting, I know that my customers see my important updates, sales, and information that brings them value. I love that now I can use social media as my “billboard” to get attention, and to serve as a funnel into my text list, so that I can maximize my relationship with my customers!

I feel like every time I send out a text it’s a win!

Question: Tell me about a recent Project Broadcast win…

I feel like every time I send out a text it’s a win! Whether it’s a sale (or thousands of dollars in sales) or a reply back that right now isn’t a good time, every text is an opportunity for connection that I’m super grateful for.

This allows me to run my business on the fly, as I need to, with massive reach and that’s hands down my favorite thing.

Question: What is your favorite Project Broadcast Feature?

Because I don’t get fancy with Project Broadcast (you don’t need to to be successful) my favorite feature is just the ability to schedule & send a text. I put all my customers in a tag list, and whenever I want to say something to my customers, I click the schedule button, type it up, add my contacts through a tap of a button and BAM, sent. This allows me to run my business on the fly, as I need to, with massive reach and that’s hands down my favorite thing.

Question: ***If someone wants to reach out and chat with you about your success, how can they reach you?

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