Grow Your Text List with An SMS Link Generator

Are you trying to funnel leads from social media to Project Broadcast? If you’re frustrated by social media’s hard to understand algorithms or rules around shadow banning and losing access to your account, this tip is for you! Let’s help you get those leads off social media and onto your text list!

Here is a super easy way to have those leads chatting with you in Project Broadcast in no time.

Sharing a keyword on social media with an irresistible resource is the perfect way to generate leads, but it still requires that lead to go to their text messages, type in phone number, and type in the keyword before pressing send. This can cause some friction that may result in losing that lead’s attention.

Use this simple Text/SMS Link generator and add it to your social media in places like your instagram bio, link sticker on your stories, or even facebook posts. This provides an easy way for your followers to text you!

Want to dive into generating leads on social media? You’ll love this mini series.Learn how others are using Social Media and Project Broadcast here:  Dani Vodak’s Guide To Automating Communication

Want more tips on combating social media shadow bans? You want to see this blog on exactly that!

Check out our youtube clip on using an SMS Link Generator

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