Generate Leads: From Social Media to Project Broadcast

Being able to generate leads from social media to grow your text list is an easy way to prospect. You can post wherever you find your customers  Pinterest, Facebook, Vendor Events, Instagram…you name it.

Your goal when you generate leads with Project Broadcast is to have your prospect text a keyword to your Project Broadcast number, answer the questions you listed, and get their freebie or incentive!

Let’s talk about how you are going to set this up in Project Broadcast:

  1. Create a keyword that sends the freebie or incentive
    • Pro Tip: Whatever keyword you are sharing on social media but with a “done”. Example: “Engage” and “Engage Done”. That way you know who submitted the survey.
  2. Create a configurable form that asks for the contact’s info.
    • Pro Tip: Answer these questions before writing your questions down: What info do you need from them, what are they going to have time to fill out, and how are you going to use this info? 
  3. Create a keyword that sends the configurable form
    • Pro Tip: Make this word super easy to spell and to text. 

Looking for a step by step training guide? Check out our class.

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