Business Messaging with a Personal Touch

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Business Messaging with a Personal Touch
Accelerate Your 10DLC Approval Process
Eliminate lengthy waiting times for approval. With Project Broadcast, you could be approved in as little as 1 minute.
Accelerate Your 10DLC Approval Process
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Messaging Features

  • Spaces

    Collaborate with your family, friends or team members all in the same place.

  • Unlimited Chat

    Chat back and forth one on one via your Project Broadcast chat tab with your contacts without the worry of using credits.

  • Free Incoming Messages

    Rest assured when receiving messages because all incoming SMS and MMS messages are unlimited and free!

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Create unlimited contacts manually or by using our smart CSV importer. Five or five thousand. No Limits!

  • File Attachments

    Send an unlimited number of files to your contacts for download and see who downloaded them.

  • Archiving

    Lead gone cold? Archive them to remove them from your view and hide their chat.

  • Account Manager Support

    Need to manage multiple accounts? Use our account manager feature!

  • Assistant Access

    Setup an assistant password to allow access to your account to your assistant.

  • Smart Contact Importer

    Use your own CSV file to bulk import your contacts using our flexible smart contact importer.

Testimonials What customers are saying

How Project Broadcast is helping small business owners rock their business communication.

  • I love that I can include a picture with my texts, a LOT of people reply as if they are getting a personal message from me – which is important and then I can build on the relationship from there.

  • I use Project Broadcast to onboard new people with a drip campaign. It is such a huge help to me….also to communicate with team members and customers. Like today for launch…I can’t imagine having to send out over 1,000 messages individually

    Terina Matthews
  • A problem it solved for me is that my clients are easily distracted, so sending them reminders on social media can send them down the rabbit hole of just that…more distraction. I love the automation feature because it takes very little time for me to manage. And that’s a productivity win for a productivity coach!

    Keosha Jones
  • I run text parties exclusively for my DS business and I teach others how to do so also. Aside from text parties it’s so important to have another channel to be able to connect with your customers beyond Facebook and when used correctly Project Broadcast can make your customers excited to receive your messages.

    Lindsay Heidelberger
  • I sent my first schedule out yesterday! It was so amazing and easy. Finally an app that didn’t make my blood boil.

    Lindsey Di Febbo
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