Give your team the tools to keep in touch & build their businesses

Automate reach out, follow up, and relationship building. Use our campaign features for follow up, and our unlimited chat for relationship building.

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Onboard consultants without touching a sheet of paper
By using our drip campaign feature combined with our downloadable bundles you can create it once, and your whole team has access!
  • Create your onboarding messaging and decide on frequency!
  • Add that messaging to your drip campaign messages!
  • Anytime you add a new team member, add them to the campaign!
  • Create a bundle of everything you created and share!
Onboard consultants without touching a sheet of paper
Business texting statistics

Whether you’re using it for marketing, sales, internal operations, or customer service, text messaging is the best means of communication

  • 81%

    of Americans text regularly.

  • 78%

    of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.

  • 90%

    of leads prefer to be texted, compared to called.

  • 209%

    higher response rates from text than from phone calls.

Customizable integration with your back office
Forget about manually exporting your leads and contacts! Have them automatically added to your Project Broadcast account with our customizable integration. You can decide what information is important to bring over and Project Broadcast does the rest!
Customizable integration with your back office
Increase your lead engagement drastically
Your business needs new customers to grow, that’s why new leads are so important. Unfortunately for many business owners this crucial part of their job is also one of the hardest. Endless hours of phone calls with no results can be difficult and a waste of time.
  • Using keywords allows you to immediately respond back to potential customers adding them to your text marketing list and creating automated new leads.
  • It’s instantaneous, easily accessible, and best of all, over 90% of all text messages are read within five minutes or less.
Increase your lead engagement drastically