May 11, 2023 | 7:00pm CST | Virtual Summit
The Impact Summit
Scale your business with the pros

Meet the Speakers

  • Alison Porter

    Topic: How to Use Project Broadcast Landing Pages to create a new customer experience.
    Time: 7:10-7:30pm CST

    Alison Porter has been with the Juice Plus+ company for 17 years. She was introduced to Project Broadcast when she was looking for a way to text from her computer. She soon realized it was so much more and became hooked on automating customer care, streamlining the conversations she was having, and adding value. She became the “PB go-to gal” in her company so she founded Savvy Automation to teach Juice Plus+ partners how to streamline, automate and add value utilizing Project Broadcast. She also provides relevant and engaging text marketing content for Juice Plus+ partners.

  • Barbara Semento

    Topic: How keywords can nurture your new relationships, and tags can organize them for you!
    Time: 7:35-7:55pm CST

    Barbara has been in the Social Selling arena for 10 years. Her second attempt after failing the first time. She started her business when she was in the thick of raising two kids and trying to be all the places and do all the #momlife things. She often fell victim to the consistency monster. She had good and honest intentions but time was just never on her side. Until her friend introduced her to Project Broadcast. Surprisingly she found she has a passion for teaching others to be efficient and productive. She’s gone from pulling her hair out with PB and taking a step back from it to a self proclaimed PB junkie.

  • Billie Heggie

    Topic: Conducting a Successful Giveaway start to Finish using Keywords and Configurable Forms.
    Time: 8:00-8:20pm CST

    Billie has been in the Social Selling/NWM space for 18 years. She’s seen allllll the ups, alllll the downs, seen every peak and every valley and when it comes to building a business in our industry. She’s built her business through many stages in life from single life in her twenties, through getting married and starting a family in her thirties to now starting her forties with new adventures to come. She has found a surprise passion in teaching other people how to maximize their PB experience and having a blast doing it. She has gone from messaging PB to cancel her account last June to “PB Ninja” today.



  • Thursday, May 11, 2023
  • Intro by Jake Dempsey 7:00pm CST
  • Alison Porter 7:10pm CST
  • Barbara Semento 7:35pm CST
  • Billie Heggie 8:00pm CST
  • Open Discussion Panel 8:20pm CST
Join these professionals as we talk about what led them to success with business automation.