Insights & Analytics

Understand your message and contact performance

Get more from your campaigns, marketing & customer engagement

  • Deliver your message successfully

    Use our analytics tools that monitor for spammy words and other warning signs so you can make sure your message is delivered.

  • Monitor messages before they send

    You’ll be able to see all of your messages that have been scheduled but not yet delivered – which will give you a chance to change them before they go out into the world.

  • Get insights into your messaging performance

    Get actionable insights into the success of each message you send with Project Broadcast’s sophisticated analytics tools.

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Wave goodbye to writer's block using AIVA
Your message management solution
Project Broadcast offers a suite of features to help you better manage your contacts, understand the messages they sending you and how likely your messages are to be delivered. It provides insightful stats that can help any business better understand them own customer engagement.
Your message management solution
Your messages matter
You deserve to know what is happening with your message delivery and whether you’re reaching the people who need it most. Project Broadcast lets you monitor, analyze, and optimize your messages so that you can keep on communicating.
Your messages matter

Insights & Analytics Features

  • Unsent Messages

    Understand carrier message failure reasons via the unsent messages.

  • Trackable Links

    Understand engagement with your contacts via an unlimited number of trackable links.

  • Message Insights

    Use our industry leading message insights feature to understand your messages deliverability rating.

  • Stats

    Understand your usage with numerous stats available for your account.

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