Engage your customers & prospects with personalized messages.

Boost response rates, increate customer loyalty & be more personal with automated text messages.

Personalize your messages

Increase your response rates by tailoring your message to the needs of each individual.

  • Automated Personalization

    Increase conversions by automating your communications for maximum reach and ROI on a small budget.

  • Customize for Success

    Create personalized messages that include custom fields like name or dates/time to connect with your customers and increase response rates.

  • Personalize Inbound Messages

    Create automated responses to incoming texts that are tailored to the individual who texted you!

Personalized Marketing
When sending out mass marketing texts, it’s important to include customized fields that make each message as personal as possible.
Personalized Marketing
The best way to build your customer base
With Project Broadcast, you can personalize all of your messages with custom fields – no more manually typing the same message over and over again.
The best way to build your customer base

Personalization Features

  • Dynamic Fields

    Make your messages personal with the inclusion of dynamic fields such as first name.

  • Custom Fields

    Store info that is important to you for your contacts. Each contact has 20 custom fields.

  • Configurable Forms

    Create an unlimited number of custom forms to have your contacts fill out.

  • Tags

    Keep contacts organized using an unlimited number of tags. Tag contacts manually, when using keywords, or when importing.

  • Broadcast Hours

    Don’t want to have messages send out on your day off? Leverage broadcast hours to manage when Project Broadcast will send on your behalf.

  • Contests

    Run contests and pick winners at random using an unlimited number of contests.

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