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Jake is the co-founder and CEO of Project Broadcast. He has 20+ years of software development experience and a decade of experience working with network marketing and direct sales professionals to bring products and tools to market to help them rock their business. A self professed curly headed winning machine, Jake has a huge heart for entrepreneurship, cars, family, and 80s cartoons!

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Imagine someone easy to talk to about your direct sales biz mixed with high tech marketing magic, and that’s Jake Dempsey! He serves the industry with an incredible resource, lots of wisdom and an open mind. I’m excited to watch Project Broadcast continue to evolve and grow! — Becky Baxter
Jake Dempsey spoke to our audience, of over 8,000, in an online international zoom event and truly brought Project Broadcast to LIFE! He shared how Project Broadcast could expand independent business owner’s reach, maintain a personal customer experience, all through a simple automated approach! A breath of fresh air for business owners, for sure! — Courtney Shaw and Tammy Lamason
Jake and the team at Project Broadcast consistently overdelivers value. From carving out time for podcast interviews and guest masterclasses inside the Modern Direct Seller Academy or offering tips and tricks to grow our businesses smarter, I am always impressed with the professionalism, willingness to support my students and our community. Project Broadcast is my go-to recommendation for text marketing and automation! Thank you for your ongoing support and incredible contribution to elevate the direct sales industry. — Becky Lee Launder
Working with Jake was an awesome experience for us and our community. His passion for serving others, and helping entrepreneurs find more freedom in their businesses through automation aligns perfectly with our values. Our audience really appreciated his down to earth style, and humility as a leader. Mostly, he’s such a tremendous resource to help anyone that is considering automation in their business. — Bob Heilig
After hearing about Project Broadcasts from multiple friends, leaders and teammates from within the network marketing community, I knew I had to learn more about what made the platform stand apart in a crowded market. Having the opportunity to hear the heart and mission of co-founder Jake Dempsey on a two part episode for my Called to Lead podcast was not only the catalyst to switching over my own personal systems to better serve my 1,200+ customers, but it inspired me to train and equip my team of over 4,500 to do the same. Jake and his team exemplify how a passion to improve the lives of their customers can grow a thriving and inspiring business. My listeners LOVED hearing Jake’s story and have loved the impact his product has had on their business even more! — Heather Burge
I was so honored to have Jake on my podcast to talk about Project Broadcast. My audience loved hearing the story of how he created this incredible platform, and how he is so passionate about providing an excellent customer experience. I’ll never forget that Jake took a few minutes outside of the podcast recording to give me some encouragement as a fellow entrepreneur! Jake and his team constantly bring their A game, and the growth of Project Broadcast reflects this! — Tiffany Spies

In the networking world, it’s all about who you’re talking to and how you keep that convo going. That’s exactly why I’m all in when it comes to Jake Dempsey and Project Broadcast.

Jake’s not just another speaker at my events; he’s the guy everyone wants to listen to because he knows his stuff and makes sure everyone else gets it too. Project Broadcast isn’t just another app on your phone; it’s the ace up your sleeve when you’re looking to keep your network buzzing and your messages flying out like they’re on a first-name basis with everyone.

When I did a poll with the very top leaders in direct sales for their top tools, Project Broadcast was the top communication platform —90% of the network marketing leaders said it’s their secret sauce for staying connected. As Jim Rohn said, “success leaves clues.”

Project Broadcast is a must for modern-day network marketing.

— Rob Sperry

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