How I use Project Broadcast at Vendor Fairs to give out free samples

When setting up a booth at a vendor fair, I always plan to offer free samples! After all, it is the best way to get people to try my new product without the pressure of the sale. Before a vendor fair, I set up a keyword in my Project Broadcast’s keyword tab. This keyword will trigger an auto-response message and follow-up campaign automatically. This saves me a ton of time. I can even send the customer a survey in that auto-response.

Here’s how the process works. I use a specific keyword, let’s use “sample”, and on my vendor booth I advertise my keyword with  “to request a free sample of (specific product) text “sample” to (my project broadcast number.) When the keyword is texted to my Project Broadcast number, they will receive an auto-response message. Here is my example of the auto-response message I send back:

Hey!! Thanks so much for stopping by my vendor booth! To get your free sample please click the link (configurable form linke) to fill out your name and address so I can get your sample in the mail.

The link takes them to a Project Broadcast configurable form. This form will have questions that I created in our custom fields section, that will give me the name of who is texting and their address to mail their sample to. I also make sure the keyword is joined to a drip campaign that goes out when the keyword is triggered. The drip campaign is set up to follow up at 2 days, 7 days, and 14 days after they trigger the campaign by texting me the keyword. Here is an example of my drip campaign follow up messages:

Two days after:

Hey (first name)!! I just wanted to give you an update, your free sample is in the mail. I can’t wait for you to try (specific product)!

Seven days after:

Hey (first name)!! I just wanted to follow up and make sure you received (specific product) in the mail. Have you had a chance to try it yet?

Fourteen days after:

Hey (first name)! How did you like (specific sample)? Did you have any questions?

Learn more about how Project Broadcast can help with your customer follow up.

Project Broadcast also has a feature that can remove a person automatically from the campaign if they respond back.  This avoids continuous follow up questions when you have already started having a conversation and don’t need to remind them. This feature is called “Remove Contact On Reply” and can be selected when creating the campaign.

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How I use Project Broadcast at Vendor Fairs to give out free samples

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