Messaging for your business that makes life easier

Increase engagement, decrease churn & improve a customers experience with Campaigns, Scheduled Broadcast and Keyword automation.

Automated Messaging for Small Businesses

Streamlines prospecting, follow-ups and customer services with automated text messages.

  • Save Time, Money and Resources

    You can spend your time doing what matters most to your business instead of spending hours trying to get in touch with leads or customers via phone or email.

  • Automated Messages

    Set up automated messages that trigger based on specific keywords or automatically place those customers into existing campaigns based on the replies.

  • Keep Customers Engaged & Loyal

    Continuously engage your customers through personalized conversations to build loyalty, reduce churn and increase sales.

Wave goodbye to writer's block using AIVA
Searching for the perfect words? Let AIVA transform your thoughts into captivating content. Ready to enhance your SMS campaigns?
Wave goodbye to writer's block using AIVA
Broadcast your messages to a targeted audience
Project Broadcast is the best automated text messaging service for your small business. With Project Broadcast you can send out SMS Messages to all of your customers on one device in minutes.
Broadcast your messages to a targeted audience
Software to help you do the most important work in your business
In the age of text-based communication, it is essential that we communicate with our customers in the way that they feel comfortable with. Email & Voicemail are both intrusive and annoying. With Project Broadcast you can reach more customers and leave them with a better experience.
Software to help you do the most important work in your business
Reach out to your customers in a more personal way

We make it easy for small businesses to reach out to their prospects and customers via automated SMS text or direct messages. You send one, we send many back.

Automation Features

  • Scheduled Broadcasts

    Easily schedule a message to as many contacts as you like on a specific date and time.

  • Built In Stop/Start

    Built in support for handling stop/start incoming messages from contacts. Contacts are marked as Do Not Message automatically on an incoming stop message.

  • Campaigns

    Create unlimited campaigns. We support Drip, Time Lapse, Calendar, Anniversary, Repeating, Countdown and Birthday campaign types. Fast Forward campaigns for easy testing.

  • Templates

    Store commonly used text messages, images, and voicemails in an unlimited number of templates for easy access in the future.

  • Unlimited Keywords

    Create unlimited keywords to auto-reply with messages, put contacts into campaigns, and tag them easily.

  • Bundles

    Share attachments, campaigns, keywords, landing pages, and templates with other users via our bundles feature.

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