3 Steps to Focus Your Business Communication

3 Steps to Focus Your Business Communication

There are so many good ideas floating out there when it comes to who you should be communicating with and how. There are paid courses, mentoring programs, etc. Here is my two cents when it comes to a 3 step process to win over your target market.

Define your target market

Let’s define “who” we are talking to. The “who” is your target market. I totally googled it. So, here is my interpretation: a group of people who will most likely buy your product or service. These are the people I want to engage and interact with to build my business. I organize this group according to where they are at in my sales process. This allows me to speak to them in a very personalized way. You don’t want to treat a prospect the same as a current customer. For example: Prospects, Customers and Team members. You can even dial it in further for customers and team members by organizing them into two categories of “new” and “current”. Even better, in Project Broadcast you can tag these groups to better organize them.

Define the behaviors and actions you want from your target market

Once you define who you are talking to, then you can figure out what type of behavior or actions you want from them. You may have similar needs for specific behavior and actions between your groups, but you will also have specifically defined behaviors and actions for them. An example for a prospect is, you want them to buy their first product from you. A new customer, you want them to reorder a product or try a new one. Lastly, a current customer, you want them to re-order, try a new product, refer a friend and possibly become a team member. These are similar behaviors and actions in each group, but dialed into that specific need from you.

Define your ideas, action steps, communication platform, and wording.

First, always choose how you plan to communicate with these groups. I am bias! You should be using Project Broadcast to communicate with all these groups. Why? Because it’s easy. Now, you may use instagram or facebook, and that works for now, but in the future when these groups grow to a size of more than 10 each you will start struggling with follow up and consistency. So! When I say you need to choose your communication platform, I’m really saying, use PB. Now, off this soap box and on to your ideas and actions steps.

Examples of ideas and action steps you can take by group? An automated keyword response to a prospect for a sample you offered on instagram. A new customer onboarding drip campaign for reorders, education, referrals and weekly tips. You can even create weekly business tips for current team members using our calendar campaign.

Try to only require one action from those you are messaging. This is your pro tip! When you start throwing multiple keywords, links, and questions, your audience will either ignore it all together or pick the one thing that catches their eye first. That one thing may not have been your whole point to the message. Pace your communication with them. A 1024 character message may get all your points across, but I can guarantee you that 98% open rate will drop to a 21% read rate really quick. Those 1024 characters can be broken down into multiple messages.

Check out a quick cheat sheet created by Dawn Barr to break down your focus groups, behaviors and action steps.

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