Top Three Most Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

I was asked as one of Project Broadcast’s Customer Support Specialists, what are the top three questions we see from our users. I see hundreds of emails and PB messages come through our customer support channels each week that need assistance, so I have some knowledge about this area. There are a few that are the most frequently asked, and I’m going to walk you through how those are answered.

How do I check to see how many credits I have in my account and how many I have used?

This one is so simple, but yet not obvious to see. You would log into your Project Broadcast  account, go to the more tab (3 stacked bars) and then click on Stats. In Stats, you will see your credit balance, usage, and more.

How can I upgrade my account to a higher plan?

We love this one, because it means Project Broadcast is growing your business and you are increasing your customer base and activity. To Upgrade your Plan, you need to log into the web version of your account at and go to the more tab (3 stacked bars) and select Change Subscription. Then you select the new plan based on your needs, and voila!

Are you ready? Have we built up your curiosity? Drumroll please…The number one most asked question from our users is:

Why is my Broadcasting Paused?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, your Broadcasting would be showing as Paused if you set your Broadcast Hours and you are in your account before or after your hours. We have this amazing tool called Broadcast Hours so your messages and responses aren’t sending out in the middle of the night and making your customer base very angry and messaging you STOP!!! If you want to change your Broadcast Hours, you can go to the more tab (3 stacked bars) and then to Broadcast Hours.

Now, you may all be seeing a common theme here. The more tab (3 stacked bars), or commonly referred to by our users as the Hamburger Icon, is a great tool to investigate. It houses many features and we encourage you to go to the more tab and click on all of the features and explore them. It is a great way to expand your Project Broadcast Account knowledge and learn all of the great features we have to offer.

Now, I want to add, we have one more asked question that we receive, but it’s not from our current users so I didn’t include it. We get tons of requests to “Come Back” to Project Broadcast or Reactivate an account. This one makes us pretty happy. It means you left for whatever reason, and now want to come back because you see the value in our Platform and the outstanding support that you receive as a Project Broadcast User. This one can be answered easily. You would just go to and sign into your original account and it will prompt you to reactivate your account. What’s great about this is that all of your contacts and content will still be there for you to utilize and jump right back in.

You can always reach out to our Customer Support Team at and ask us questions or ask for assistance, and we are happy to help!

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