Avoid Appointment No Shows Using Reminders

Have you ever wondered how you can avoid appointment cancellations? Well, we have some great information to help avoid cancellations. You can’t set an appointment with a customer or client and expect them to just show up. It just doesn’t work that way. Have you ever missed an appointment because you forgot or put it in your calendar under the wrong date or time? I’m sure you have. So, how can you avoid this from happening to you?

First of all, you need to send more than just one reminder. It isn’t intrusive if you do it the right way. After all, your contact set that appointment with you, so why not make sure they show up? If you are a doctor’s office, your reminders can be informative and simple, but if you are any other appointment based business owner, make it fun and interactive. Here are some examples of messages you can send.

Message One

“Hey {{firstName}}, it’s Susie Q with Unnamed Company. I’m excited about your upcoming appointment on (day) at (time). I wanted to put together a little gift for you. Would you prefer (gift 1) or (gift 2)?”

(Your gift can be super simple like a goody bag with samples and candy in it with your business card).) It’s best to send this message soon after making the appointment.

Message Two

“Hey {{firstName}}, it’s your favorite Unnamed Company’s consultant. I have your free gift ready (include a picture of you holding the gift) and I’m looking forward to seeing you on (date) at (time).”

Send this one a few days before the appointment.

Message Three

“Hi {{firstName}}, I’ll see you tomorrow! Do you need directions?”

(If you are traveling to them, you could ask for confirmation of a detail in your directions) This will most likely get your contact to respond. Send this message the day before the appointment.

I know, I know… It seems like too many messages, but if you were conversing with a friend, would 3 texts be too many. Just make them fun and interactive and your contact won’t mind?

Now, if you are using Project Broadcast for these messages, you can even mix it up with a Voicemail Drop message to drop in your contacts voicemail. You could also automate these appointment messages with Dynamic Fields and Campaigns so all you have to do is plug your contact in and let the messages send themselves.

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